Working as Home-Based SEO Specialist


Working as home-based SEO specialist is like being a teacher. For example, many business owners know that they should seek the services of search engine optimization company. However, very few of them understand what search engine rankings mean. As a result some of them hesitate to seek the services of SEO companies. And those who do face the challenge of finding the right SEO company for their websites. So as an SEO specialist, you can better educate SMEs so that they will gain better understanding of what search engine rankings mean and the importance of SEO to their business.

As SEO specialist you have the opportunity to explain to them some of the basics of search engine optimization. You can start by teaching the basic, which is search engine ranking. You can start by telling them that, if you have a restaurant, when someone search for a restaurant in your area, if you have high search engine rankings, he will see your site on the first page of the result. Then like a good teacher you can tell them importance of search engine rankings. You can give them statistics and tell them that search engine rankings is very important because up to 80% of internet searchers do not pay attention to the sponsored results and instead automatically chooses the organic results. In other words with high ranking, you will have more visitors to your site. Then like a good teacher, you guide them as to what they should do as SMEs. You give good reasons why it is imperative to hire a good SEO company. Emphasize the fact that according to 57% of marketers, when it comes to lead generation, SEO has the greatest influence.

Working as a home-based SEO specialist is therefore very rewarding. Opportunities for financial reward are abundant particularly since search engine optimization is just in its infancy. More and more companies will certainly need the service. But the greatest reward is that it allows one to be instrumental in the success of other individuals and businesses that depend on SEO services.

Submitted by: Carolyn Vicencio

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