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If you want to know how a typical day of an advertiser would be like, an episode of Mad Men would probably give you a good idea. While not all advertising jobs involve drinking, smoking and flirting, advertising is a cutthroat industry that only a few people in the world are able to handle. The business of advertising requires the fulfillment of marketing objectives just as much as artistic creativity. Fortunately, jobs in advertising are no longer restricted to careers in advertising agencies. These days, an advertising graduate can even work and earn comfortably from home.

Advertisers are responsible for drawing people’s attention to products, services, companies and brands. They often create attractive images and catchy slogans with the use of TV commercials, magazines ads and billboards. Today, advertising is no longer just limited to traditional media. With the presence of new media channels, there are dozens of others way to catch people’s attention, most of which involve the Internet. This has then opened more job opportunities to advertising graduates to work from home.

Advertising graduates may consider positions as online advertising managers that deal with advertising sales and online ads for websites and ad placements. Advertising managers may also implement advertising campaigns online in order to generate interest in a product or service. Since advertising deals a lot with digital production, work as graphic designers and video editors may be considered as well. Other job opportunities in advertising available online include digital media planners, social media coordinators, public relations managers, marketing coordinators, advertising sales consultants and brand strategists.

Becoming a copywriter is one of the more popular online jobs many advertising graduates consider. Since coming up with catchy text in websites, papers and advertisements do not need to be constrained in the office; this can be the perfect online job for advertising graduates. Jobs related to copywriting include web content writing, article writing and proof reading.

The good thing about working from home is that advertising professionals may run their own business or work freelance. Either way, the benefits of working from home are already there. For the most part, hard work, discipline and experience are all that is necessary to have a stable and long-term online career related to advertising.

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