What are the Disadvantages of Work at Home Jobs

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With the access to computers and the web, many people now prefer working at home than going to an actual office. Home-based jobs seem like heaven sent, especially for people who cannot leave their homes; moms and students can earn extra income even if they only work for a couple of hours per day. While the benefits of working at home can pour in like rain during the wet seasons, they also have disadvantages.

One work at home disadvantage is having less social interaction. Sure, you can still communicate with your friends through chat and email, but having an actual conversation with a person is different. After a while, you might forget how to interact with people, and you might want to isolate yourself; there is a chance that you might feel left out because you are busy doing work at home. You can still join the occasional nigh-outs but if you work on graveyard shifts then going out might be your last priority.

Another work at home disadvantage making your home your office is the distraction. If you are a work-at-home mom, you get to spend all day with your kids. It is a positive thing, however, when you need to be at work, you cannot avoid unplanned circumstances like answering the phone, cooking meals for the kids, taking care and playing with them. Your family will still be your priority even if it is already time to work.

When get employed in a home-based job, you are usually called an Independent Contractor. This means you are hired for your professional service and you are not technically a part of the company that hired you. When people have little knowledge about home-based jobs, the title “Independent Contractor” might be unfamiliar. People have a tendency to look down on what you are doing and they will think you are not doing a “real job”. Some companies will not also look at home-based jobs as an acceptable working experience. This becomes a work at home disadvantage.

Working at home is just like working in a business district or offices; the difference is that ordinary employment requires you to commute to an office while a home-based job makes your home your office. Work-at-home people do legitimate jobs but there are some that have limited understanding and they can be a little condescending at times. If you want to try working at home, assess the negative and positive effects and see if the benefits outweigh the work at home disadvantage.

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