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I have been writing as a freelance article writer for a few years now. Until I separated from my 8 to 5 job some years back, I had not really focused on this. I had developed my job in writing just recently when I realized I had some skills on how to do it. Eventually, I was hired to do some tasks. At first, I only got a number of them until I can’t get my hands on the opportunities that had been coming my way. It was fun, yes, and I felt a kind of fulfillment every time I finished one article. And it’s easy. You will only need a computer or a laptop and an internet connection to get work in freelancing job sites.

I had many experiences with clients, others will drive you crazy with unreasonable deadlines while others will not pay what is due you. There are good clients, those who value you not because they also make money through your articles, but because they recognize you and your skills to do the tasks. A little appreciation is a reward for people like me who writes for the love of it. It’s not all money, a “pat in the back” is very much an encouragement to fellow writers.

This is what I do now. I get to spend more time with the family, and I can check other house related activities. I can work with my pajamas, with no co-workers and a nagging boss to push you down to your limits. I can watch TV, wash the dishes and do whatever I want with my time. I enjoy my work better now and manage my time to what I want it to be. And I earn, just like anybody who works in a regular job. I do not stress myself on traffics, pollution and the pressures of an ordinary company employee.

These are the advantages of being a freelancer, you can sleep and wake up whenever you want it, work with no uniforms, make-ups, and other unnecessary expenses to spend. All for the same salary and even more. It is difficult to apply for a regular job today, because of hundreds of applicants out there to compete in a single vacancy.  Being a freelancer means highlighting what you are best at, and this will be your key to a successful career online.

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