Traits Needed to Become a Virtual Assistant

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All things nowadays are about technology. There is now a proliferation of home based jobs and virtual careers. Without a doubt the future will be teeming with virtual offices. In many studies there is a favorable view of working remotely, away from traffic and pollution. There is the joyful prospect of working in the comforts of homes and in the company of loved ones. Virtual assistant for instance is one of the most sought after job online.

So what does it take to be a skillful virtual assistant?

Love for the Job
It was found out that highly accomplished employees are those who love their work. Well-motivated and eager to do tasks are primarily the barometer of productive workers. In many studies, sloppy work and mediocre performance among employees is attributed to their indifference and burned out attitude toward their jobs. As a virtual assistant you work from a distance, far from a hovering boss.  Thus, from this perspective your performance greatly depends on your motivation and passion to carry tasks despite the absence of a minder. Also a lot of discipline is needed to ensure work is delivered on time. That game show should take a back seat if you want to sustain your job.  Being unsupervised is not a reason to procrastinate or be slack.

Mental Alertness
The job demands that you should be a quick thinker and a decisive decision maker. Being a virtual assistant is a one man-show. The choices you make can break or make a company. Your presence of mind and willful determination contributes to your company’s success.

Technological Adeptness
As virtual assistant you must be equipped with all the necessary and basic skills in computer such as word processing, typing and data entry, In addition to these skills you must be knowledgeable in Microsoft word as well as working on spreadsheets. Your work mostly deals with computer and phone links hence it is important that you are familiar with Skype and chat forums. Technology is always evolving. As a virtual assistant you must keep up with these technological advances which can serve well your company and clients.

Effective Communication Skills
Your job is to communicate and communicate well. There is no greater disservice to your company than a haphazard report. Grammar lapses, errors in spelling and careless writing displease clients and discourage potential customers. Most times you communicate with your clients through e-mails and faxes.  It is important that these communiqués are written in professional tone. Your company’s professionalism and efficiency is sometimes measured on how effectively you communicate. In addition it is not only your coherent writing which can impress clients. The way you make verbal transactions could spell success or failure for your company.

Excellent Managerial Skills
Whether you are running your own virtual assistant business or you are the virtual assistant it pays to be a good manager.  Clients seek advice from you thus it would be helpful if you are equipped with marketing and advertising skills.

The job of virtual assistant is never easy.  More than the technological skills you must embrace fully with enthusiasm the tasks and challenges the job entails.

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