Solutions to Dilemma of a Work-at-Home Mom Transcriptionist


As a working mother to young little kids, there will never be a day you would wish you could just stay home and be with them every single day.  But with financial requisites, you cannot afford to just stay home and be a full-time wife and mom.

There must be another way to make a living where your kids can still feel your presence at home. And then one day, based on your research, you can see the possibility to become a home-based transcriptionist and at the same time as a mom to your kids. You mulled over this idea for days. Can you do it? You have no experience as a transcriptionist via the Internet. But you started to realize, why not try. You’ve been an office employee for years and you are very familiar with various skills like fluency in English language. You can even type notes every day, not from recordings, but straight from the customers’ mouth. If you can do that accurately, how much more something that you can playback over and over gain?

Then came a time you are being referred to an online transcription site for a start, and this became your first online job. You thought it was easy. The thing about being a transcriptionist is that you cannot spell out sometimes from a recording what exactly is being told. You may not have a reference and you cannot ask a recording to spell the words you do not understand. And being very accurate is crucial because only one misspelled or misheard word can totally change the whole meaning of the transcript or the message the speaker is trying to send out.

The Primary Solution 

Although as a work at home mom, you only have your professional experience to back you up, you still believe that you can succeed in working as transcriptionist, in time. It would not be easy but by focusing on the quality of your work and by giving extra effort to meet deadlines, you should know you can do it and ready to start.



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