Researcher Home-Based Job is Ageless

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Being alone at home with all the children concentrating on their own families is a major cause of boredom.

An old woman, a multi-tasker at her early years, may not be like her husband who may possibly rest and spend, but earn and pursue with life’s challenges.

The Office Girl

Starting a job as researcher for a law firm, one must continue self-studying to acquire the expertise.  If possible what are written in books could be coordinated with the basic know-how and talents she possesses.  And after some time of full concentration, the young lady has achieved her goal of additional knowledge and specialties nobody could steal.

Continuous employment with the law firm, cases in court, sidelines for judges, do part-time teaching, home-based tutorial jobs, she at times write for magazines and newspapers.  This researcher is a round robin, not with household chores, yet expert in cooking special delicacies and self-invented recipes.

The Mother Researcher

The researcher is an expert in rearing children.  She grows them healthy and strong, and intelligent.  She is a loving wife to her husband who at times becomes inferior of her abilities.  He finds himself conscious of the fact that his wife is so efficient and effective in all aspects of life.

There was no problem as to their relationship, the education of children, bringing them up intelligent.  They receive their awards with their father.  Delighted of the honor, he faced and thanked his ‘perfectionist wife.’

The Widowed Researcher

What is the reason for continuing home-based jobs when she can live without?  The answer is that her body craves for the usual schedule. Her brain needs maintenance and retention like her physique. She must be updated with the latest technology to teach the children, her grandchildren, and to obtain friends online which according to her is the present trend. Doing home-based article writing, she enjoys acquiring additional bits of knowledge and sharing them to others.

Old age is not an excuse for cessation of work; avoid boredom; for the age grows old, but the mind and body can be maintained longer.

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