Perks of Working at Home as a Writer

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Home is where the heart is.

That was the past.

Now, home is where the money is.

With the rise of home-based writing jobs, a lot of individuals are now enjoying work in the comforts of their own homes.

With just a stable Internet connection, a desktop computer or a laptop and enough talent and determination, one can just turn on their computer, wait for a project and type away. Now, a person can cook lunch and work at the same time. Talk about a perfect life.

No work being assigned to you, just turn on the TV or read the newspaper. Or, better yet, browse news or topics that might be assigned to you so you can be a better and a more expert subject matter expert.

You are also the master of your time when you work at home. You can schedule when you want to start working (unless there’s a deadline, of course), when you can take a bath, when you can eat and when you can go to the bathroom.

Working at home also allows you to concentrate more on your work and not be distracted by co-workers or bosses that can just always call you for meetings. If you have a child, you can also spend more time with them when you work at home.

This also gives you more time to research on certain topics because you’ll never what topic will be assigned to you. You can surf online to find out more about topics that you are not so familiar with and in the process this will enable you to produce more interesting articles.

Getting better and better at composing articles will also raise your stock when it comes to writing and you can have a chance to be an elite writer or customers might be able to hear about you and hire you for certain projects.

Having the ability to juggle your time and priorities and working at home are two of the most advantageous perks of working from home as an article writer. But what really is important if you are a true-blue writer is that you are able to hone your skills and improve on your writing and in the process your life.

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  • Home is where the money is! I certainly agree with this 🙂 Sobrang easy na ang earning online especially for bloggers. I am currently studying law and can enjoy free time because of my online tasks na sobrang easy!

  • As a retired, stay-at-home netizen, I am online most of my waking hours. I haven’t tried other MMO activity except blogging. I may try some of your suggestions soon.

  • I’m blessed to be a salaried employee but based and working at home so I am with my family 24/7. And since I;m home-based, I own my time, and could even get other projects that pay well. You’re right when you say we are “masters of our time”

  • I wouldn’t recommend working from home; there are actually MORE distractions, in my opinion, because one’s a LOT more comfortable, no one is supervising, and the environment is casual, not professional. If it does work for some, then good for them 🙂 Not for me!

  • It’s really nice to work at the convenience of your home. It saves you from horrific fuel expenses. 🙂

  • This is the job that secretly growing by time. .and it indeed good for some reason. Who don’t like to work just at their home right?

  • U an quite sure online businesses and online working is the future. Mas convenient and pretty much rewarding compared to traditional jobs.

  • But I guess working at home also needs perseverance and determination. You need not to get bored easily.

  • Yes! I’ve been working at home since 2008 and never wanted to go back to office-based work. This needs a lot of discipline though for one is easily tempted to procrastinate when working at home.