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Since the world was led to innovation, many tasks that were deemed impossible before is now capable of existing in every possible way–teaching being one of those. Technology as of this age knows no limits and each person uses different means of it for entertainment, work, studies and so on especially in earning money online. So, in order to have a home-based job, one is required to have a computer for dealings and transactions.

A good, fitting online job as an example for this is tutoring. Online tutoring is the process of teaching using technology (computer) with the help of internet, an alternative to traditional schools for teaching.

Before, one was required to have a degree in teaching. Before, it was difficult to apply to schools, universities and such. But right now, there’s no need to stand in line just to pass a paper with your background info written on it and no limits in degrees attained. Some sites may ask you if you’re willing, have some basic knowledge about downloading, e-mailing and the likes, and of course, the skills and cognition for the subject you are going to teach. But most of the time, what you’re usually required to have is a functional computer, stable internet connection and a webcam (some sites may advise you to make use of it) and you’re ready to go for this online job.

Online tutoring or teaching actually has a wide range of subject from academics to simple instructions in cooking, drawing, language and other extracurricular activities that may need an instructor or teacher. Home-based jobs such as teaching may be done with the following ways: a one-on-one session using web cameras, a recorded video or audio with step-by-step instructions and explanations of the subject you’re teaching, or a written entry with all the details included.

Fortunately, there are several advantages that come with online teaching. First, unlike the fixed wages in traditional schools, online tutoring as a home-based job can be negotiable when it comes to payment. It is up to the instructor and to the student (or guardian of the student) to compromise an agreement in payment fees. Besides that, the instructor or teacher can arrange the time on their own, to organize the number of their students and divide the time or duration of sessions evenly. And last, it is convenient because an instructor or teacher doesn’t need to go to universities and schools to teach, just staying at home in front of the computer will do.

One may earn just by applying to online jobs, but most of all, only could share his or her knowledge to others anytime, anywhere.


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