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Oftentimes, it takes an individual to weigh several experiences before he could finalize where he could stand.  A top rank in the office acquires respect, self-respect and authority.  But, a home-based job of similar performance is one’s own business, nobody dictates, he is the boss!

The Office Worker

Office work starts with an employee to panic as early as 6 o’clock in the morning with an early meal, dressing up and competing with traffic jams.  Several minutes of ride if the residence is only a few minutes away, takes a worker at the office table before 8 o’clock alarms for the employees.

Just imagine the piles of paper works to prepare, dictate or  sign, whichever is the assigned task, or calling over intercoms, or going out again for a meeting or conference, his time is never sufficient to fill the half-day’s assignment accomplished. And this continues till afternoon for 8 hours in 5 days a week, if there is no overtime.  So tiring.. so mind-wrecking!!

The Home-based Jobber

Life being full of trials, an employee gets attracted to home-based jobs over the Internet.  Careful analysis and computation brought him out after almost 5 years of office work. He thought, he can earn more with the attractive rate.  And he did! He received double to triple his office salary.

Providing services inside a small, comfortable room, he did the writing, the chatting, advising, tutorship, and assistance without anybody controlling him or himself running after the time. And he got those acquaintances he never gained before.

Back to Office Work

His triumphed degree calls a person back to his former seat.  Upon arrangement with home-based clients, he proceeded back to office work, free of Saturdays and Sundays.  He made a conclusion that a regular monthly salary with benefits is not bad at all. Plus the home-based jobs it would be sufficient for the expanding necessities of college children.

Back to office job again is tiring and stressful. However it is the backbone of family living… a home-based job, a garnishing for the heightening expenses and luxuries of life.

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