How to Become a Virtual Assistant through Social Media

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Social media marketing is one of the most efficient ways to attract customers for most businesses. Giant companies are now acknowledging the importance of having a strong social media platform to reach millions of potential customers and buyers. The same is true for small to medium business enterprise. The good news was, most businesses are willing to outsource their online campaigns. For this reason, many freelancers and virtual assistant are now asking the question: How to become a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

Who can become a Social Media Manager?

It is pretty safe to say that anyone can be a social media marketing expert as long as you are not afraid to click the mouse. The game sounds plain and simple: you must not be afraid to learn or self- learn different social media sites, and you must sound like a human.

Social media marketing is “Social”. This means that a social media marketer must know how to interact smoothly without pushing the product. One must learn to give value first and be careful not to make it a hard – core selling or promotion. You also need to have the required traits of a virtual assistant to succeed.

How can I become a Social Media Marketer?

There are different Social Media Platforms to choose from but as a start, you may try to learn the four major Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google +. Potential clients who needs a social media marketing expert may have different needs, but mostly, the social media world revolves on this four major platforms that you might want to explore more about.

For example, if you are about to be a Facebook Marketing expert, liking, commenting and sharing are not the skills that we are looking for. You must now investigate how to create a likeable Facebook name for the Company’s or Business’ Facebook Page and to start a Facebook Group where you can invite and talk with your potential customers. You may also want to at least read the Facebook Guidelines and rules when it comes to making contests and Advertisements.

With these ideas to become a virtual assistant through social media, you will now have a heads up to become a home based worker.

Submitted by: Ana Margarita Olar is a content writer and a social media marketing assistant  for business coaches and service based entrepreneurs. You can reached her through her personal blog or her email anamargaritaolar[@] .

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