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We tend to stick to easier and uncomplicated means in different fields. That is why people these days prefer to write their stuff on the internet. However, not all of us are so-called techies and superb computer literates. We write to express and share, but what would this ‘express-and-share’ be if we can’t reach our target audience? If only uninterested readers would read it? If that’s the case, then we could not attain our goal, which is to send the message to expected readers and be heard. But how can we really be effective content writers online?

Writing style will be one of the points looking forward to. If you write plainly and boringly when you write for people on the internet, then it is expected that you get a total of about ten readers­ at most. Well, you may still get a lot of readers, but those won’t stay for long. Usually, writers with a fun and unique style of writing get most of the attention. Whatever the style is, as long as it is enjoyable and stays in people’s minds, it will work.

If you own a blog, you probably know the feeling having no readers when you put all your efforts on your writings. It’s terrible, having no readers. The feeling of being unheard and ineffective to people may even discourage you to continue your writing. So once you’ve started writing-whether for a blog or not-make sure you already convinced the audience that you write with finesse. So they would keep coming back. So they would wish for more.

While writing, make sure you pay attention to the Keyword Optimization. It is spreading the right keywords to the article so when people search for those keywords, your article comes out. You must be good at choosing the words to be spread, for this may greatly affect the traffic to be gained and the kind of people who will read the article. For example you are writing about how to fry an egg, you’ve got to add words like frying pan, egg, frying– you get the idea. Also, you must have an idea on Search Engine Optimization. Let’s say your article is in a blog, the traffic it will gain will be based on the optimization of the blog and on your knowledge about SEO. The better the keywords are used, the more traffic. And the more traffic, the more readers.

To be an effective online content writer, you’ve got to have the guts to start working online. Don’t think about failing and having no readers because it’s not just about that. Get to think about your writing before anything else- your writing will always be better than the readers’ opinion, anyway, even though they still matter. Remind yourself that you don’t always get your readers to your side, but also remember that you always have another chance to.

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