Home-Based Workers Benefit from Forex


Currency and exchange are elements of trade and occupation.  Investors, corporations, banks and large trading concerns engage in transactions involving currencies which differ from one country to another.  Thus, foreign exchange business survived and let survive businesses by means of providing for them the exchange and conversion of currencies.

Foreign exchange before were only for investors of large corporations, big time traders and banks.  However, new businesses rose with the advent of new technologies.  And they are to  benefit from exchange, conversion of currencies, speedy bank transfers, as well through their agent and dealer remittances in 24-hour operation except weekends.

All of these foreign exchange transactions can be done online.

Simultaneously, with the advantages, there are difficulties involved in remittances of jobs for thousands of writers, artists, advertisers, etc., all over the world.  These workers provide good businesses for the dollar-earning employers, who as well have transactions with forex.  However, the workers come from different corners of the earth and it would be impossible for them to directly claim their dollar remittances. Would it be possible for the fast-expanding business of Online or home-based jobs integrated with foreign exchange?  And online home-based workers who are mostly retired or housewives would find it easier to continue working and to claim the returns of their toils at the nearest bank or dealer.

Forex is a decentralized market for the trading of currencies.  They have financial centers to anchor buyers and sellers, senders and recipients everywhere.  These financial centers which are usually banks have dealers to answer transactions.  They enable conversion of dollars or other currencies.

Obviously, remittances for home-based jobs almost everywhere, even in remote areas, also involve dollars since they are mostly from dollar-currency countries.  The home-based workers then are paid in dollars.  Although the publishers, employers or purchasers of their finished tasks are prompt payors, payees have to wait for several days for money since the dollars are to be converted into their currencies, passed to other dealers and then deposited to their bank accounts before it reaches their hands after two to three days later.

The problem arises when one dealer bank will not  accept a worker’s bank, because he lacks this and that.  Well, he has no other choice but to use another person’s account with an approved bank, until his total remittance grows lesser and lesser due to additional charges of transferring from dealer to another. Much more, if the home-based worker is a retiree, can he still manage going  back and forth from one office to another just to accomplish the increasing requirements?

Many workers demand that they get paid directly in dollars with their banks.  And this should have been the case.  People, practically, want to save their dollars until such time that the exchange rate is higher.  Forex might answer this demand, and it can afford since it is perfectly free from competition and people trust that there is no danger of insolvency.

One more possible recommendation is that publishers, employers, or purchasers of home-based job products could gather and have only one dealer bank registered with forex for all similar jobs payable in dollars.  This will facilitate transfer, exchange, and claims for the workers all over the world, even in remote areas.

Foreign exchange has been of help to big business ventures.  It is high time that it may dedicate a portion of the deals to their small-time counterparts who at least are trying hard to earn and enjoy the dollars, the international of earnings and payments.

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