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It is not as to how big a company is where an employee would earn much. It is the accessibility of application of talents and expertise in a setting.  Here comes the latest, most popular home-based jobs to answer unemployment problems in many areas of the world. The availability of commonly-employed today are those persons possessing proficiency in certain lines of business like arts, crafts and employment hiring, as well as in agriculture and, in the production of goods and services. With home-based jobs, the family works together, and stays together.

Home-Based Business/Jobs

As the word implies, home-based-business is a small business concern participated in by only one person, or the members of the family, relatives, or friends, working as a team.  This is synonymous to cottage or small-scale industry in the production of goods and services.

With the advent of the computer age, the person may still work alone and be the sole proprietor.  Often times, this individual is gifted with the proficiency or skills to produce wonderful and rewarding outputs from God-bestown assets and artistic ability.  Simultaneously, the home-based graphic artist enters the scene.

Equipped with an Associate/Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or long-term experience in a firm, the graphic artist may pursue further studies or a teaching job.  Consequently, the individual’s dire interest remains with image production, illustration, designing, publication layouts and others, still drag them in front of the canvas with paint and brush. The outcome, of course, is a magnificent picture from the mind on site, drawn out from the hand.

Everyone describes the graphic artist as the man alone in a wide room, with all the trashes and the wastes, a very serious face, in deep thought with eyes towards the ceiling.  Somehow, that shoulder length hair tied with a rubber band and the unshaved stubbles are contributing factors to the wondrous image appearing on the canvas.  Years before this is the outcome of being alone inside a treehouse, under a shady tree facing a beach.

At present, the graphic artist, wherever his laptop is stationed, with all the other equipment derived from personal income, has doubled or multiplied such income from previous companies, and the tiring manual designing has been transformed simultaneously with the advancement of science and technology.

The graphic artist with the primary home-based job of graphic designing is on the advance stage of employment.  Jobs are obtained from the websites that recruit home-based workers and find clients for them, offering above-average monthly or daily compensations. Others have self-employed online freelancing, by self-promotion, by way of social media (et. al. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) and free-advertising websites. Home-based jobs may either be for fixed, per-project, piece, or monthly work.

These transactions may either be thru online communication using email, live chat, or mobile communication.

The graphic artists go with the flow of advancement.  Despite the complaints that the impact of technology might increase the problem of unemployment, it is obvious that home-based jobs have the most comfortable offer to help solve the problem of unemployment.  Based from the graphic artist’s way, other jobs will pop up from other categories.  The graphic artist become the merger of the employer and employee as one.  Plus, a family that works artistically together, they harmoniously earn their lives together.

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