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Applying jobs online is such as simple work. Usually, the instructions are already posted on the job posts. Companies evaluate applicants on how they follow simple instructions.  Sometimes, job hunters  miss these because of too much confidence or they do not read what is being written on a particular post. Employers may require a cover letter, and send you an address of a person, or oblige you to send a PDF rather than a word document. These are the commonly committed mistakes of an individual seeking for an online job.

 Tips on How to Apply for jobs online:

  • Send your job applications online on the company’s site. Read carefully, and make sure you have the right company.
  • Check the email address correctly where you will be sending that particular application. It may be in a human resource department or a certain individual.
  • Upload a Resume, as the case maybe, and keep a record of the companies websites, and email addresses. This will be a basis for you to review where you had sent applications.
  • If a particular company instructs you to send by snail mail, do so. Always follow instructions if possible.

Some companies will require you to complete an online application rather than a resume. This  method is easier for the companies to track from the time they sent the job application, and if and when they are hired. This is also convenient for the applicants per se, because the procedure  can save time, money and effort on their end.

On the Follow Up

Following up can be complicated at times. Most companies prefer that they call rather than you call them for a follow up. They want to make a contact call for those applicants they think are qualified and can serve the best interest for the company. For many, it would be best to wait, but for some, it would be better to call after a week they had applied in order to make the next move in case the application was not successful. Or better yet, do not wait,  instead look for more jobs and be keen on other opportunities that you might get.

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