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Work at Home Audio Transcription Explained in Detail

audio transcriptionist headset Audio transcription is a type of data entry that is engaged listening to a recorded voice and/or a video file and then converting it into electronic written form. It is typically completed with a software particularly designed for this reason. The professional doing this kind of work is called an audio transcriptionist. There are quite a lot of types of audio transcription and all of these can be done at home. It can include in the form of specialties like medical, legal or court proceedings,

10 Tips How to Earn As Home-Based Blogger

home based blogger Making money from blogging in the comforts of home was unheard of back then. Nowadays however, it has become easier since blogging has gone quite mainstream. But if you want to successfully make that blog of yours earn you need a decent chunk of change, you’ll need to put in some hard work, post more often as well as spread revenue possibilities over numerous streams in order to earn the type of money which would let you quit whatever your day job maybe. Here are some tips on how to earn as blogger

Solutions to Dilemma of a Work-at-Home Mom Transcriptionist

work-at-home-mom As a working mother to young little kids, there will never be a day you would wish you could just stay home and be with them every single day.  But with financial requisites, you cannot afford to just stay home and be a full-time wife and mom. There must be another way to make a living where your kids can still feel your presence at home. And then one day, based on your research, you can see the possibility to become a home-based transcriptionist and at the same time as a mom to your kids. You

Perks of Working at Home as a Writer

home based job Home is where the heart is. That was the past. Now, home is where the money is. With the rise of home-based writing jobs, a lot of individuals are now enjoying work in the comforts of their own homes. With just a stable Internet connection, a desktop computer or a laptop and enough talent and determination, one can just turn on their computer, wait for a project and type away. Now, a person can cook lunch and work at the same time. Talk about a perfect life. No work being assigned

Article Writing is a Job Like No Other

online writing Being an article writer is fun. You can make money while doing one of the things that you love – writing! You have the chance to learn new things and interesting piece of information on different topics such as health, lifestyle and tech reviews. It is not only about writing and sharing information to others but also getting information that will help you along the way. If you have been a freelance article writer for a few years now, you can experience an awesome job. Article writing can start

Easy Online Jobs an IT Graduate Can Do

IT jobs There are a lot of online jobs that an IT graduate can do. They must be honest, reliable and responsible when posting their skills in various sites that offer jobs. These may be categorized as web programming, graphics, content writing, SEO specialist, virtual assistant and programming. Mostly of these online jobs for an IT graduate are in the field of web, graphics and Internet. They vary from beginner to expert levels and these levels determine their salary. Web Programming You must be knowledgeable

Five (5) Challenges of Working as Freelance Transcriptionist

freelance transcriptionist As an emerging industry for both home and the BPO industry, transcription has become one of the most popular and in demand job there is today. Almost all fields of industries utilize this kind of work; whether be general, legal, business, medical, and so on. Any individual with or without experience can do the jobs depending on their specifications. One type of transcription is the freelance. So far, this has been the most preferred type of most people in the transcription industry. You work for