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When you have thousands of apps available in the market then the first problem is – how to find those specific apps suitable for you and specific to your requirements. It needs good research and time to experience the available ones. You may take help of reviews what other users are writing about the apps you need or test yourself. This post specifically would help you in case you are a home based professional and looking for some relevant good Android tablet apps.

The first one which every Android tablet user must have is Tablified market HD. This app is the stepping stone which will lead you in the direction of app selection i.e. it highlights the best possible apps specific to your needs for Android tablet on Google play. This regulated and constantly updated app can be downloaded for free and if you choose to pay $2 you get the pro version which means advertisement free access and better experience.

Being a home based professional it is more likely that your working machine is placed at home. Just think about the situation when you are travelling and client needs some immediate changes in the file which is there on your home computer. In this situation Team Viewer for remote control will help you. It is mobile, flexible and above all a free app. You can install it on your home machine and remotely access it from your android tablet anytime. Using Team viewer you can transfer files from and to your android tablet easily. It is like you are working at home while away from home.

If we are talking about work then the need of some MS office like app can’t be neglected. Working from home or office you have to have one suite which will contain all those small but essential apps which will manage your documents. Office suite pro is the one you need. You may want to view PDF files, create/view/edit or share MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint everything is done by Office Suite Pro. Combined with cloud storage it is well integrated with Google docs which helps you to work locally and remotely well. Office suite is well optimized and well suited for tablet users. Easy UI and great functionalities of Office Suite pro comes with a justified cost of $15.

When we are talking about business, keeping you updated is very important and there are several news apps. Some like Pulse News or News360 for tablets are good ones. Installing them on your device will bring you closer to the world while you are sipping coffee and working from home. These apps are free and give you an easy access to all blogs, magazines, and newspaper contents. You can read your favourite stories, current affairs, business specific, region specific news which would definitely help in your work and overall awareness.

Other apps like Evernote and Invoice2go are also some great apps for people working from home. Evernote which has been updated specifically for tablets will act as a secondary memory available all the time for you. It will manage your ideas and information and keep tabs on both. It is a free app and save lot of time and money when you have lot of things happening around. On the other hand Invoice2go will manage your most important documents – invoices. There are several styles available at the cost of $10. It will help you to create, preview and email the professional invoices and estimations to your clients quickly. So in case you deal with invoices, Invoice2go is a great app.

Android app world is endless and for home based professionals there are plenty of apps which we can talk about in next post. Till then go and explore more!

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