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Being an article writer is fun. You can make money while doing one of the things that you love – writing! You have the chance to learn new things and interesting piece of information on different topics such as health, lifestyle and tech reviews. It is not only about writing and sharing information to others but also getting information that will help you along the way.

If you have been a freelance article writer for a few years now, you can experience an awesome job. Article writing can start as a hobby during your school days. You can be given the responsibility of writing for the school paper or do some editorial work. The experience can lead you to love writing more. However, if you could not pursue this passion professionally, you can start this as a hobby. Most people thought of writing jobs as a low-income path.

Starting a career as an article writer can help resolve some financial difficulties. This is one of the major reasons why you can become a freelance article writer.  Finding a job that you can both enjoy and earn money from is truly amazing. Although it is difficult to find a trustworthy job provider for example via the Internet, the experience in itself is still worth every article made.

When you have article writing projects with various job providers, some may end instantly. So you must search constantly to have a continuous job as an article writer.

Some of the things you must acquire being an article writer are the following:
You must have a reliable Internet connection at home. You must write five or more 500-word quality articles a day and deliver tasks on time. You must always see to it that you beat the deadline because you understand how important time is in this kind of business. You must be professional and do not plagiarize. You also must use online plagiarism checkers before you submit articles. Although there are times when you become busy with personal errands, you must see to it that you inform the job provider about your schedule and concerns beforehand. You must be very easy to talk to and can be easily reached through any online means.

Being able to do your hobby professionally as an article writer and at the same time earning from it is one of the best things that can happen to you.

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  • Sometimes I also want to be a fulltime freelance writer na lang because all the hardships and problems of being in IT now are just blowing my mind away. However I also thought that I need these to improve patience and skills. So okay lah, I can have writing as sideline job anyway.