5 Unlikeables About Online and Home-Based Jobs

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Having Internet as the main tool to get access to everything, jobs these days can just be easy to reach. For one thing, there are the online jobs and home-based jobs which are now considered as the new fad in terms of working. These kinds of job have a lot of great advantages life has to offer. However, there can be also disadvantages in which other people still choose being employed.  Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Less Communication With People Around
Yes chitchats with colleagues and friends will be missed if you’re bound to an online job in the office and even worse if you’re having home-based jobs. It is no doubt that your opportunity to personal interaction with them will be lessened. You will barely know the updates about them and the things around you.

2. Limited Personal and Social Networks
Just as how your interaction skills get affected by your online jobs and home-based jobs, more so with your personal and social networks. Definitely, once you’re already stuck with this jobs, then you will feel the absence of your social life. Most of online and home-based jobs are from other countries and their time zone is different from yours. So it is expected that you have to comply to their own time even if you wish to go out with your friends on a Friday night, but you just can’t make it. You can have temporary friends online but it is still different to mingle and meet new friends personally.

3. Arising Health Problems
Since online jobs and home-based jobs requires most of the time facing the computer, this will then result to body fatigue and develops poor eyesight. Knowing that these circumstances will happen, gear yourself with stuff in order to lessen these health problems such as exercise and do some stretching. Protect your eyes from radiation by wearing eyeglasses and other possible protective gears.  Majority of people working online and in home-based jobs have this health dilemma. Unlike if you’re working in an office, you tend to go up and down and roam around.

4. Worry if the Job is Legit
It can’t be avoided that once you are in an online job and home-based jobs; you will always worry about its legitimacy. You will be threatened by what you hear and read about Internet   scams. The fear of working in a company that is not registered will just get all your information and probably having other intentions. There is no assurance and security of job in this line of work.

5. Get Mentally Stressed
One of the effective stress reliever is when you talk to someone. Pouring out your emotions will help you feel relived from any burdens you may have. That’s why; people who are working in an office really find ways to chat with their co-workers because of too much stress inside the office. That’s so sad about having online jobs and home-based jobs. They don’t have stress relievers such as this. The tendency is just to keep it all by themselves.

There are advantages and disadvantages about online jobs and home-based jobs. Not all people may easily adapt to the online world. There are lots of factors to be considered if you want to work online such as being disciplined at work by meeting all the deadlines and complying all the tasks, change in your usual out-going lifestyle, and not so rigid about health. So if you are planning to change your usual desk work, asses yourself wisely as well as your priorities, goals and lifestyles before venturing in this so called online jobs and home-based-jobs.

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  • ej leen

    For number 2… i agree in some point. My first homebased job was an inbound technical support (call center agent). After my 8 hour shift, I go straight to bed. No time to socialize. But when I shifted to Social Media Marketing job, it requires me to connect personally with people and organizations. I’ll say, it depends on what your job is..