3 Unique Freelancing Job Sites

freelancing job sites

Freelancing is a type of job wherein a person could do certain task or work upon convenience. A person who is on a freelancing type of work can be called as self-employed. In this type of job, various employers would post certain tasks on different freelancing job sites and any interested employees, called as freelancers will contact the poser via email, contact number if there is any or just comment on the post if available.

Below are the three unique freelancing job sites:

1.      Freelancer.com

This is the most popular according to users. With billions of projects posted, freelancers will be able to browse for so many tasks offered on this website. Projects mainly include software programming or designing, copyrighting and data entry. Even though vast projects are posted, competitions are tough. Millions of home-based professionals are applying on different project posts with varying skills and experience. They usually sell themselves by informing the poser in the comment section about their skills and experience and if they are lucky, a personal message will be sent telling them when to start.

 2.      Elance.com

This is another popular freelance site. Projects posted are almost the same as the freelancer.com except that they also include tasks related to engineering, finance and law. The same process also applies when looking for a job in here. The employer posts the project; let all interested freelancers view and comment their skills and experience then wait for the employer to contact them through personal message. If the freelancer was hired, a status “proposal sealed” will appear on their comments.

 3.      Appenbutlerhill.com

This freelance site based on US and Australia covers an array of job related to linguistics, transcriptions and web search improvement. The idea is that, they are mainly focused on hiring those who are exceptional or could do the work related on these areas. In the process of applying, the employer would require you to register on a form that will be sent to you via email. Once you are qualified, the employer will again contact you via email to provide instructions regarding their screening process.

These three unique freelancing job sites are just some of popular job sites. They are unique in the sense that they have catered to various work at home professionals.

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