10 Tips How to Earn As Home-Based Blogger

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Making money from blogging in the comforts of home was unheard of back then. Nowadays however, it has become easier since blogging has gone quite mainstream. But if you want to successfully make that blog of yours earn you need a decent chunk of change, you’ll need to put in some hard work, post more often as well as spread revenue possibilities over numerous streams in order to earn the type of money which would let you quit whatever your day job maybe. Here are some tips on how to earn as blogger home based:

  1. Create your blog by using a free service. You can use WordPress or Blogger, for instance.
  2. Concentrate blogging on a certain subject that interests you. Be in your most informative as well as witty. A bit of controversy won’t hurt either.
  3. Blog regularly for around six months with three new posts per week, at least. In applying for many blogging jobs, you have to have a minimum of six months worth of blogging under your belt.
  4. Add a number of Google ads to the blog by joining AdWords. You can do so from Google’s site. Other options include BlogAds and/or CrispAds, if you want.
  5. Apply to a blog network like 451 Press or b5Media after you’ve been blogging for around six months, so you can blog for them. They’ll ask if you have suggestions for new topics for the network. In case you blog covers topics that aren’t on the network, then you can suggest that they add your blog.
  6. Visit professional blogger job boards and apply for the positions that are posted there.
  7. Getting some sponsorships from business is one more way for you to make money blogging from home. In a lot of cases, sponsorships happen when businesses approach blogs which cover demographics that they’re interested in.
  8. Job affiliate programs. Amazon and Clickbank are only a couple of the huge affiliate programs that are out there.
  9. Have a donate button placed on that blog of yours. Certain bloggers hold fundraisers. Some of them have even managed to blog on a fulltime basis, due to the fact that they receive donations from the readers.
  10. You can also talk about your blog entries on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketing is a whole new arena where you can share info that people are willing to read and in turn get compensated through ad clicks on your blog.

There are many ways to earn as blogger home based. What you need is to put in the effort and be updated about new techniques to increase traffic and revenues. Nonetheless you must remember that it all starts will providing quality content for your audience.

Submitted by: Richard Dean Basa

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